There are currently (22) people on the waiting lists. To join the waiting list, please fill out the reservation form and make a $100 deposit.

Waiting List


  • (M) Dwayne Pierce
  • (F) Lorraine Alff
  • (M) Christine and Jason Lentz
  • (F) Kevin Costescu
  • (M) Jennifer Cogan
  • (F) Ashley Dooley
  • (M) Grace Shearon
  • (M) Ryan Bonus
  • (M) Rob Weber
  • (F) Pat Rahtjen
  • (F) Joseph DeMarco
  • (M) Rosemarie Griffin


  • (NP) Ron Stanley
  • (F) Angela Stover
  • (F) Charlene Drake
  • (F) Ryan Corr
  • (F) Scott Oshrin
  • (NP) Alexandra Prowant
  • (F) Lauren Pellegrino
  • (F) Alexandra Brice